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Do you remember my first attempt decorating my mantel? What about my second attempt? Yeah...I didn't think so! Well I gave it a third try and this is what I came up with

I took close up shots of the mantel because of the mirror. I like mirrors over a fireplace, but I don't care for what they reflect. In my case, you would see an old dusty and country ceiling fan that needs to be taken down. So trust me these close ups are better! Oh and one more thing, I know that I'm missing candles. When I find some, I'll take more pictures so you can see how the mantel (mantle) look then.

Here are a few updated pictures of my living room. I added some peacock blue ornaments with the turquoise (very pretty)
( My branch display had to be moved because it was tempting my 1 year old!)

(see how he is running into the room? that's why I moved the branches!)

While helping me put the ornaments on the tree, my oldest said that these ornaments were him and his brothers:

(He said this is Brendan the baby)

(this is himself....)

(And this is Nick because he take all the presents!)

Now I have to keep these ornaments forever! I purchased those ornaments before my kids were born. I was working at Macy's and they were on clearance. I thought they were cutest ornaments! Now they represent my three boys....thanks to my 5 year old!


Suzanne said...

Hi there, L! I'm sorry i have missed so much of your posting lately. This is very lovely! Love the mirror and the color scheme...and the tree...and the ornaments...
Merry Christmas!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

OMG, I went back to post number 2 and cracked up at your sister's comment you put in the post! How did I miss that post? I've been way too busy...did she come pick up all the loot from attempt one?
Third time is a charm...love the snow, it's fresh looking. And from now on just ignore any advice I give you! Janell

Dayka said...

Excuse me Your Highness (I'm still laughing), but what happened to the boys' stockings??? I like the look, and I saw someone else do something similar earlier today and was thinking, "this is what lakeitha did the other day!!!" I really like it. And I love that mirror, too. You can leave that outside with the chairs for me, okay? :)

I really like your couch facing the window, too. Those chairs look perfect and were such a great buy. I saw them today in Target, and you really cannot beat that price (I specifically wanted to say "cannot" instead of "can't"--more emphasis)! I have 2 other friends who bought chairs from Target and they've lasted awhile. Good eye!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Love it!! I also adore your tree and the ornaments. I love your big front window also.


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...
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Mrs. Chic said...

Yay that Gorg Mirror is back!! I loved that mirror....everything looks great, love your tree

Anonymous said...


The DIY Show Off said...

Love it! Third time is a charm. It's stunning. Great job. :)


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love the little snowflakes hanging down - totally love them.

Deanna Jackson said...

Love the mantle decorations!