Thank you for your positive feedback on my last post. It's hard to be so open about such private things especially when you're sharing it with "the world".


I get asked a lot about how I stay motivated and if its expensive to lose weight. Well, I honestly think its more expensive to eat crap and gain weight. I also think "mind of matter" is huge when you're starting out. If you keep telling yourself that you can't do something, chances are, you won't do it.


My motivation comes from looking back at my progress. You know, the horrid before photos and then comparing them to my afters.


Above is me holding a pair of size 24 jeans that were starting to be too tight.

Above on the left is after I had lost 22lbs back in November and the right is a few days ago.

This picture shows where I started back in September. My stomach measured 49" around. I had purchased those jean Bermuda shorts too small a few years ago and said I'll lose weight to fit them. They're an 18 and they're starting to be a little too big:-)



Like I mentioned above, my stomach measured 49" back in September. It's almost a 36" now. I'm always anxious to see what the next week will bring. 2lbs here and there may seem like nothing, but boy do they add up quick! How can you not stay motivated after watching yourself literally "shrink"?


I don't know who all I'm inspiring or motivating with these posts, but I just felt the need to put them out here in blog land. I would love to share more if you'd like. I think what people are wanting more of are my daily meals. If so, let me know!

If you would prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to email me at lakeitha_duncan(at)yahoo(dot)com

I'm also on Instagram @lakeitha_duncan




La Monica said...

Congratulations on your weight loss journey Lakeitha! I am you at the "BEFORE" stage. So yes, any words of wisdom (including meals), are greatly appreciated!

Vonnie said...

Congrats on all of your hard work! I had to come off of my Feedly to come over here and tell you that. You're looking great. Hard work doesn't always pay off immediately, but it DOES pay off in the long run.

Sing of Singature Style said...

So proud of you!

BlueClearSky Elizabeth said...

Congrats on your continued success! You must feel so good and should be very proud of yourself.

BlueClearSky Elizabeth said...

Congrats on your continued success! You must feel so good and should be very proud of yourself.

Cordeshia Taylor said...

Oh my goodness I want to loose weight so bad, your such a inspiration!!!!

Joy Marshall said...

Great job. It feels great to set a goal and achieve it. Such a great accomplishment.

Michelle Marsh said...

Wow, Congrats!! You are gorgeous! I've followed you for years, and have been a big fan. You look amazing. You got this! I like to follow Maria Kang's FB page and group (No Excuse Moms). LOTS of inspiration there and help in getting motivated. Keeps me on track. I love the success stories. Hugs to you!!!

Dee said...

Just found you through IG and am so impressed with your success. Would love to hear more about your meal plan. Thanks for sharing.


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